How the bag company “I speak fluent french” has released a new collection of bags?

In today’s world, it is very important to have a bag that reflects your style. For example, if you are the type of person who likes to dress up and look nice for work, then you need a bag that will go with your outfit. i speak fluent french has recently released their new collection of bags which feature high-quality materials and beautiful designs.

But when you carry a bag called i speak fluent french, you must at least know the secret word to be able to talk like a French woman, right?

The company was founded by two sisters who wanted to create stylish and functional bags that would help women feel confident and stylish while they traveled. These bags offer many different colors in order to fit any woman’s personality and has all types of female bodies (body vocabulary in French)!

i speak fluent french offers many different types of styles so there is something for everyone.

Now you know you can speak French fluently thanks to your bag… 😜

“I speak fluent french” and their new collection of bags

The new collection of bags from i speak fluent french includes a variety of different styles and designs. There are backpacks, totes, and duffel bags, as well as clutches and wallets. All of the bags are made with high-quality materials, including leather and canvas, and feature elegant designs.

One of the main reasons why the sisters who founded i speak fluent french created their company was because they couldn’t find stylish and functional bags that met their needs. They wanted bags that would help them feel confident and stylish while they travelled, and they weren’t able to find what they were looking for. So they decided to create their own line of bags, and i speak fluent french was born.

The sisters’ goal was to create bags that were both stylish and functional, and it seems like they’ve succeeded. All of the bags in their new collection are made with high-quality materials and feature beautiful designs.

I speak fluent French

✔️ Ecoute & lis…


La filière Mode & Luxe est d’une importance capitale pour l’économie française. La France est en effet le premier acteur mondial du secteur, secteur qui se développe rapidement sur un marché international à la croissance soutenue et aux potentialités réelles.

Caractérisée par une grande diversité d’acteurs et de métiers répartis sur le territoire, la filière est composée de grands groupes (LVMH, Kering , Hermès…), de marques de créateurs comme de prêt à porter, d’artisans et d’entreprises de fabrication, dont une grande majorité sont des PME, voire des TPE, réunies parfois au sein de petits groupes familiaux.

Fortes d’un marché mondial dont la croissance se poursuit et de la notoriété de Paris, les grandes marques de luxe françaises confirment leur hégémonie. En regard, les PME de l’industrie du luxe, moins visibles, sont en prise directe avec une vive concurrence internationale et doivent ainsi réussir à maintenir leurs capacités de production, préserver leur savoir-faire, évoluer vers de nouveaux modèles de compétitivité et permettre ainsi à Paris, capitale de la mode, de conserver son pouvoir d’attraction.

Source : Conseil national de l’industrie

✔️ French QUIZ

La filière mode & luxe

Did you understand this French audio & text correctly? Answer the following questions 😀


#1. Quelle est la position de la France dans le domaine du luxe ?

#2. Le secteur du luxe se développe lentement à l'international

#3. La majorité des entreprises françaises du luxe sont des entreprises de moins de 500 salariés

#4. Les grandes marques de luxe françaises confirment leur position de domination


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“I speak fluent French” bags are a good reason to learn French

Most people think that the only reason to learn a foreign language is so that you can travel to foreign countries and be able to communicate with the locals. While that is certainly a valid reason, there are plenty of other reasons to add to your list.

For example, did you know that there are many bilingual jobs out there that don’t require travelling? It is important to be well prepared for a job interview in French!

Or that learning a new language can make you smarter (seriously)? If either of those reasons sounds good to you, I have another one to add: “I speak fluent French” bags. Yes, you read that right – bilingual bags are a thing, and they’re awesome!

If you’re looking for an extra incentive to learn French, these bags should do the trick. So what are you waiting for? Start learning and become confident when you speak French!

I speak fluent French bag

But by the way, how do you pronounce the names of French luxury brands?

I’m sure you all know of some French luxury brands, like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès. But did you know that their names are actually pronounced differently than how they’re spelled? Most Americans say “shawn-el,” “loo-eese vwee-tahn,” and “air-mayz.”

But the correct pronunciations are “shawn-elle,” “loo-ee zhooh vee-TAHN,” and “air-mays.” So the next time you’re window shopping for high end couture, be sure to say the names correctly or you’ll end up looking like a complete tourist! 😊

Here is a selection of videos that will explain you how to pronounce the names of great French luxury brands:

Français avec Pierre

Le français by Alex

Toast my French


So there you have it. “I speak fluent French” has released a new collection of bags and they’re fabulous. But even if you don’t buy one, maybe this post will give you a good reason to learn French. And finally, for all of you pronunciation aficionados out there, here are the correct pronunciations of some of France’s most famous luxury brands.

A bientôt !

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