French Vocabulary Words for Your Body

Bonjour à tous ! In today’s blog post we are going to learn some new French words for various parts of our body. Let’s get started, shall we? 

The French language has many different words for body parts that English doesn’t have. For example, they have a word for the small of your back (l’ creux de votre dos), which is something that we don’t have in English. So if you’re ever feeling adventurous and want to impress your friends or crush with your knowledge of the French language, then make sure to memorize these words!

If you’re traveling to a French-speaking country, it’s important to know some basic French vocabulary words for your body. This will help you communicate with doctors and physical therapists in case of an injury or other health concern.

Here are essential French body vocabulary words that you should learn before your trip.

French body vocabulary words

As a French teacher, I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to help my students learn vocabulary. So today, I thought I’d share different French body words with you. Hopefully these will help you to improve your understanding of the French language, as well as your pronunciation.

PDF Bonus with all the informations

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  2. A selection of the main movement verbs with pictures illustrating them,
  3. And exercises to practice

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French vocabulary of body

French vocabulary of the body

French vocabulary of “face” and “hand”

French vocabulary of the face and of the hand

Why it’s important to learn these French body vocabulary words?

You probably already know a few words for parts of your body in French, like “les yeux” and “le nez“. But did you know there are many more words for body parts in French? Learning these new vocabulary words can help you speak more fluently and correctly when describing yourself or others. So why not learn them today?

  • If you go to the doctor in France, you can explain clearly where it hurts.
  • If you want to do sports or yoga in France, you can understand your coach easily.
  • If you are a student and you have French exams soon, it will be very useful to get a good grade.

Few examples of how to use these French body vocabulary words in conversation

French vocabulary can be tricky, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be speaking like a native in no time. Here are a few examples of how to use French body vocabulary in conversation:

  • Je suis malade.” This means “I am sick.” You can use this phrase to describe how you’re feeling when you’re not well.
  • J’ai mal à la tête.” This means “I have a headache.” You can use this phrase to describe your symptoms to a doctor or to someone who is helping you take care of yourself.
  • Tu as l’air fatigué.” This means “You look tired.” You can use this phrase to politely inquire about someone’s well.
  • J’ai mal au ventre.” This means “I have a stomachache.”
  • Je suis enceinte.” This means “I am pregnant.”
  • J’ai une entorse.” This means “I have a sprain.”
  • J’ai une migraine.” This means “I have a headache.”
  • Je me suis cassé la jambe.” This means “I broke my leg.”

Video of the French body vocabulary words

Discover my video on the vocabulary of the human body in French. I explain in detail the vocabulary and the main movement verbs.

And at the end of the video, we do together a practical exercise: a little yoga session 🙂

PDF Bonus

We have prepared a free PDF to help you master French vocabulary words for your body.
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At the end, you will have exercises to practice with the correction. 👍


So there you have it! A comprehensive list of French body vocabulary words to help you on your next trip to France (or even just in conversation with a Francophone). How many of these words did you know before reading this post? I’m guessing not many. But that’s okay! Now that you know them, you can start using them in your everyday life.

And who knows, maybe one day you’ll find yourself in a romantic situation in Paris and be able to impress your date with your knowledge of the French language (and all its sexy body parts words)!

À bientôt !

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