Is learning French difficult?

French is a language that many learn in school or learn it as a second language

In the United States, French is one of the most popular languages to learn after Spanish and Chinese. It can be difficult for some people because it has so many rules and exceptions which make it complicated for adults who speak multiple other languages.

However, there are many benefits to learning French such as being able to communicate with natives in France and knowing how they say certain words like “chocolat” 😊

Learning French will also help you on your travels if you ever plan on going to Europe; knowing French will make things easier and more enjoyable!

Did you know that French is one of the six official languages used by the United Nations? Learning French can be a challenge, but it is worth it.

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Apprendre le français à l’ONU

Pourquoi apprendre le français ?

Le français est, outre l’une des six langues officielles des Nations Unies, l’une des deux langues de travail du Secrétariat de l’ONU. C’est aussi la langue officielle de nombre de pays hôtes d’emprises onusiennes, à commencer par la Suisse, qui héberge l’Office des Nations Unies à Genève, mais aussi de nombreuses opérations de maintien de la paix ou de bureaux de pays des Nations Unies. En conséquence, la maîtrise totale ou partielle du français est exigée pour exercer certaines fonctions à l’ONU.

L’ONU encourage vivement le personnel à maîtriser et pratiquer une variété de langues. Outre sa politique de recrutement, l’ONU met en œuvre pour ce faire des incitations à l’apprentissage des langues, appuyées par des Programmes d’enseignement des langues et des techniques de communications opérant dans différents lieux d’affectation, qui proposent aux fonctionnaires de l’ONU des cours dans les six langues officielles, y compris à distance.

Source : Nations Unies

French may not necessarily make you learn all knowledge, but it will probably make your travels much easier if you plan on visiting Europe. Learning this language should not be considered difficult because there are many other benefits to learn how to communicate with other people who speak the same language.

Obviously learning French has its challenges, but any language  does. The key is to learn French and keep practicing it no matter how hard learning French seems.

1. What is French?

French is a Romance language that originated in France. Originally, it was spoken in northern France, western Belgium, and eastern Switzerland

However, the French government has been pushing to expand its use internationally. As a result, there are now many people in North America and Africa who speak some version of French.

What is a Romance language?

Romance languages all evolved from the same Latin root. They aren’t really considered separate modern languages any longer, but some have diverged enough that they might as well be different dialects altogether. 

Romance languages are mostly spoken in the western part of Europe.

How many people speak French?

It is estimated that about 220 million people worldwide learn some version of French as a first or second language.

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2. Why learn French?

French is a powerful international language. It’s the fourth most-widely spoken language in the world and at least several million of those speakers speak it as their primary tongue.

The French have a longstanding reputation for enjoying bon temps and there are few things that go better with a meal than a generous slice of Brie, so learn some French if you’re going to be going nearby! 😊

It may not have been working on me, but just the other day I was reading an article about how learning languages not only makes you smarter but also adds years to your life through cognitive exercise. Working your brain may actually help improve its long term health which can bring down those allergy symptoms from eating gluten! Learning languages has been shown to boost the brain.

French offers many benefits to learn. It will open up your opportunities for work in Europe and help you learn more about different cultures around the world.

You can learn about other cultures without having to visit them!

If you’re planning on traveling to Europe soon, learning French will probably make your life much easier! It’s not just France where they speak it either; Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg all list French as their official language too.  Believe it or not, more  than a third of the European Union’s population speaks French!

Is French difficult to learn?

3. Learning French can be difficult, but it’s worth it because of the benefits

One of the main reasons that people learn French is for the benefits. It’s a language that takes time to learn, but there are many benefits that come with it. 

  • One of these benefits is that French speakers will be able to travel in Europe and understand what all the signs say. 
  • Another benefit is that if you learn French as a second language then you can learn other languages faster because you learn how they’re derived from other languages. It’s also an easy way to learn Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese!

All in all, learning French can be difficult but if you put enough time into it then it’ll definitely be worth your while.

Yes, French is a difficult language to learn because of all of its  rules and exceptions. You have to learn so many rules before you can even begin to learn how to put them all together as a language, but the benefits of learning French as a second language are quite plentiful!

Yes, it’s not difficult because…

Although there are a lot of rules that go into learning French, it is definitely not a difficult language to learn.

It has its complexities, but nothing too difficult or complicated. The vocabulary is basically derived from other languages so it’s not like you’ll learn words that don’t exist elsewhere in the world!

But if you learn French before Italian, Spanish, or Portuguese then it’ll be easier for you to learn those languages because they’re all derived from French!

As long as you have the time to learn, then it’s not difficult because if you break down how many rules there are in learning French compared to learning English, they’re basically the same amount. But with English you learn new words based on definitions whereas with French it doesn’t really work that way.

The truth is that learning French can be very difficult for English speakers, but not because the structure and syntax of the two languages are so different from one another. The difficulty in learning French stems from its complicated rules and exceptions.

For example, in English we learn to place an -s at the end of a noun to make it plural; however, when you’re speaking proper (formal) French this rule doesn’t apply all the time. It can be an -x or -aux… and there are exceptions to every rule. This can make it difficult for English speakers to learn French because the rules they follow in their native tongue don’t seem to apply when speaking French.

4. The key to learning the French language is to keep practicing no matter how hard it seems to learn the language

As we saw, it is very important to learn the French language and it is not so difficult to learn it. The key to learn French language is to keep practicing no matter how hard it seems to learn the language.

French is a difficult language with many rules and exceptions that make it difficult for adults who speak multiple other languages. Despite this difficulty, why learn French when you could just stick with your native tongue?

French may not be the key to all knowledge, but it will likely make your travels in Europe much easier and more enjoyable!

Remember what we saw above: French is the fourth most widely spoken language in the world and one of the six official languages used by the United Nations.

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Learning French can be difficult, but it is not impossible. The key to learn French is to keep practicing no matter how hard it seems to learn the language.

With a little bit of time and effort, you will learn this beautiful language with all its exceptions and rules!

Knowing another language may make your travels in Europe much easier – especially if you are looking for direction or trying to find somewhere on the map without an international data plan.

Learning French now could save you countless headaches later when traveling abroad. If that sounds like something you want help doing, contact us today!

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