French Vocabulary Words for Your Body

Do you know the French words for your body parts? Even if you're not a French student, it's always a good idea to learn some basic vocabulary words for the language. This way, when you travel to a Francophone country, you'll be able to communicate with the locals. Plus, learning new words is just fun! So here are some of the most common French vocabulary words for body parts. Bonne chance!

Your body is a temple, so it’s important to understand all the different parts that make it up. While you might not need to know the French words for every single muscle, tendon, and bone, it’s still beneficial to learn some of the more common terms. That way, if you ever have to see a doctor or physical therapist in France, you’ll be able to communicate your symptoms more effectively.

France basketball taking the world by storm

Do you know what France is good at? No, not just wine and cheese (although they are pretty great at those too). I'm talking about sports. Go ahead and name a sport - any sport - and I bet the French have a national team that's pretty darn good at it. Football (or soccer, if you're American), basketball, handball - you name it, France has probably got a team that can compete on the world stage.

Do you know what the Three Musketeers are? No, not those guys. I’m talking about the French national sports teams: football (soccer), basketball, and handball. These teams are called the Three Musketeers because they’re all unbelievably good at their respective sports. France is a powerhouse in each of these sports, and if you’re a student interested in any of them, then you need to know about the Three Musketeers. And today, we are going to put the focus on the basketball team of France…

Will Lionel Messi learn French?

Lionel Messi in Paris (PSG)

This winter Messi will be joining up with his new teammates in Paris and there is speculation that Messi may need to learn French, which would not be a problem considering he already speaks Spanish, Catalan and English…