How learning French can help you travel more?

Tour Eiffel à Paris - How learning French can help you travel more?

Hey, my name is Christian and I am a French teacher. You might be wondering how learning a language can help you travel more. Well, I’m going to tell you!
I’ll start by asking you a question: What’s your favorite country? Mine is France! The food, the wine, the people- it’s all amazing. If you’re anything like me then maybe one day when we’re old enough we will both get passports and experience the world together. Learning French will make that dream come true sooner rather than later because guess what? It’s really helpful for traveling! In this blog post I’m going to give some tips on how learning French can actually help you travel more in life! Ready?

How to build confidence when speaking French?

French woman in streets of Paris

What to do against the fear of speaking in French? There are different ways to deal with the fear of speaking in French. One approach is to face the fear head on and gradually work your way up to speaking in public. Another method is to practice regularly so that your confidence grows over time. You can also seek out a tutor or language partner who can help you improve your fluency and pronunciation . Finally, remember that everyone makes mistakes, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Just relax and enjoy the experience of speaking French!

Why do French people speak English so badly?

Why do French people speak English so badly?

One of the most common complaints about French people is that they speak English so badly. But why is this the case? And what can be done to improve their language skills?
There are a few reasons why French people may have trouble speaking English. Firstly, the two languages are quite different in terms of pronunciation and grammar. French people can’t just say what they want to say using English sentence structures and expect people to understand them. The second reason is that French people often neglect to improve their English, or pay any attention to it at all. When the students study French, they’re told that English is unimportant and not worth learning – so very few French people actually try improving their English skills.

How can I talk to French native people when I don’t speak very well?

How to speak with French native? All the tips!

When you are learning French at the beginner level, it is very likely that your communication will only be limited to reading or writing. You may have tried to listen to French songs or watch movies but the listening component doesn’t work well if you’re not fluent in speaking. Ask someone who speaks French fluently how you can improve your communication at this stage of learning . How Can I Improve My Communication at the Beginner Level in French While I Don’t Speak Fluently? And a lot of tips to improve communication at the beginner level.