France basketball taking the world by storm

Do you know what France is good at? No, not just wine and cheese (although they are pretty great at those too). I'm talking about sports. Go ahead and name a sport - any sport - and I bet the French have a national team that's pretty darn good at it. Football (or soccer, if you're American), basketball, handball - you name it, France has probably got a team that can compete on the world stage.

Do you know what the Three Musketeers are? No, not those guys. I’m talking about the French national sports teams: football (soccer), basketball, and handball. These teams are called the Three Musketeers because they’re all unbelievably good at their respective sports. France is a powerhouse in each of these sports, and if you’re a student interested in any of them, then you need to know about the Three Musketeers. And today, we are going to put the focus on the basketball team of France…

How learning French can help you travel more?

Tour Eiffel à Paris - How learning French can help you travel more?

Hey, my name is Christian and I am a French teacher. You might be wondering how learning a language can help you travel more. Well, I’m going to tell you!
I’ll start by asking you a question: What’s your favorite country? Mine is France! The food, the wine, the people- it’s all amazing. If you’re anything like me then maybe one day when we’re old enough we will both get passports and experience the world together. Learning French will make that dream come true sooner rather than later because guess what? It’s really helpful for traveling! In this blog post I’m going to give some tips on how learning French can actually help you travel more in life! Ready?